Only a few months ago, few people could have imagined that a virus would paralyze public and social life within a very short time. But suddenly society as a whole was confronted with this situation. From one day to the next, events were canceled, sports facilities closed, and domestic isolation ordered. And: all schools were closed.

The student responsibility (SMV) of the Friedrich List School Ulm did not want to stand by during this time and was active from the desks at home. “Fortunately, it is now possible to organize projects via video conferences,” said Rüya Kahraman, the 18-year-old student representative of the Friedrich List School. Together with the liaison teachers Christine Maier, Christian Preisler and Hannes Grimm, the SMV – digital – got together and decided to donate 1,500 euros in the form of books.

That amount came from the “blood donation day” that the SMV had carried out at its school in early March and thus also during the Corona period. “As part of a commercial school, it is particularly important to us to make a small positive contribution in this difficult social and economic situation,” emphasized Johanna Lovas, the 18-year-old school spokeswoman for the three-year business school. Iremgül Aksoy, 16, added: “It was important to us to take the central areas of youth, education, business and regionality equally into account.”

In a time without regular school life, the SMV wanted to provide education and joy on the one hand, and on the other hand, this project was intended to help local booksellers AEGIS, JASTRAM and KERLER in Ulm, who were affected by the current crisis, reported Asli Sahin, 17, school spokeswoman the vocational school.

This is how the donation project “FLS, but please with book!” Was created. The AEGIS bookstore had spared no effort and compiled eleven insider tips worth reading so that the pupils of the schools in Ulm were able to choose from great novels and youth novels. “We want to do something good for the students of all schools in Ulm and support local bookstores in Ulm at the same time”, the deputy student representative Joy Beck, 16, confirmed the basic idea of ​​the SMV.

The competition was heavily “released” via the social media Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and some of the SMV schoolchildren even shot an advertising spot to stir the drum. All relevant information on participating in the competition was also disseminated via the various media channels, so that all Ulm students from the age of 13 had a chance to get a book.

The whole team had put a lot of passion into their project, but the effort had paid off: Within a few minutes, an unbelievable number of students in Ulm had hoped for a book, and a few days later they could get their free book in one of the three bookstores pick up.