The school council (= Schülermitverwaltung; SMV) is the representative body of all pupils of the school. It relays pupils’ wishes and suggestions to teachers and the school administration. The pupils are given the opportunity to actively take part in forming school life e.g. by organizing events and therefore enhance school life. It is the aim of the school council to strengthen the school community and represent the pupils’ interests before the other bodies of the school like teachers and the school administration.

The school council is elected by the pupils’ council (which consists of all class representatives and their substitutes).

Activities: Christmas post, Valentine’s Day post, Blood Donation Day, Skiing Day, Job Orientation Day (every 2 years)

Activities of SMV

  • Christmas mail
  • Valentin post
  • Blood drive
  • Acquisition of school hoodies
  • Fundraiser for leukemia sick children
  • Catering at class care evenings

The World AIDS Day at the Friedrich List School Ulm

The school council independently organizes the World Aids Day at the FLS Ulm. There are information booths as well as pupils who pair up to visit different classes and inform other students about HIV with the help of an interesting quiz. At the end a donation can is handed around. For each donation pupils are allowed to choose a small gift like the typical red bow or information brochures.

Friedrich-Listschule, Haupteingang, SMV Aktion zum Welt-Aids-Tag



Head Girl
Rüya Kahraman (G12-2)

Deputy student representatives
Joy Beck (11-7)
Kemal Ünsal (BF2-3)

School speaker 3 years WG
Johanna Lovas (G13-4)

School speaker 6-year WG
Pia Weiß (G8-1)

Types of schools spokesman BK
Beyza Babaoglu (BK1-1)

Types of schools spokesman BF
Michael Schulze (BF1-1)

Types of schools spokesman KBS
Felix Hornung (2KG2)

Kamila Kowalczuk (G12-6)
Cihat Erol (G12-1)

school Committee
Rüya Kahraman (G12-2)

Joy Beck (G11-7)

Ali Keskin (2BKX)

Kai Sackmann (G11-3)

Kamila Kowalczuk (G12-6)

Cihat Erol (G12-1)

Beyza Babaoglu (BK1-1)

Iremgül Aksoy (G11-3)

You want to work for extra-curricular events at FLS?

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