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mission statement

The mission statement represents the basis and orientation framework for the actions of all those involved in school life. It is intended to strengthen identification with the Friedrich-List-Schule and facilitate professionalism in dealing with pedagogical tasks.

Die Friedrich-List-Schule definiert sich durch das Leitbild als moderner, aktiver Teil der Bildungslandschaft.

school development

At the vocational schools in Baden-Württemberg, sustainable quality development within the framework of the project “Operative independent school” is a central educational policy concern. At the Friedrich-List-Schule in Ulm, consistent further development in various quality areas has been pursued for many years under these guidelines.


The Student Council (SMV) is the representative body of all students of the school. It communicates the students’ wishes and suggestions to the teachers and the school management. The pupils are given the opportunity to take an active part in the organisation of school life and thus improve it, for example by organising events.


Friedrich List – the patron saint of our school – is the best-known and most popular German economist, one of the few whose name can be found in every textbook.

The Friedrich-List-Schule is defined by its mission statement as a modern, active part of the educational landscape.

Offers for students

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