Full-time commercial vocational school

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Due to the absence from school by Corona, there are changed dates for the final exams.

The two-year vocational school – a chance for junior high school students

The full-time commercial vocational school (= Berufsfachschule; Wirtschaftsschule), which is also only called “commercial school”, takes two years. It is meant as a further school for pupils with a lower secondary education and finishes with the “Fachschulreife”, which is of equal value to a secondary education certificate (= Realschulabschluss).

Students with a lower secondary education can choose between two structural possibilities:

  • possibility “9+2”: Pupils get their higher educational qualification when they successfully attend and finish our two-year commercial school.
  • possibility “8+2”: At the end of grade 8, pupils can be accepted on request when they at least get the mark 2,0 (= “good”) in the subjects German, English and Maths. When moving on to the second year of the commercial school, these pupils get a confirmation with their school certificate that they obtained an educational level which is of equal value to a lower secondary education qualification.

Choosing this school type means for the students that they not only have to deal with general educational subjects, but also with the contents of job-related subjects like political and business economics including accounting, information processing, economic geography, word processing and office experience.

Director of studies
Stefanie Hopfengart

Tel.: 0731 / 161 – 3884

The practice firm Energie Office in our full-time commercial vocational school makes practical learning possible. It has the aim to promote the students’ capacity to act in a globalized world by teaching professional, methodological, personal and social competences.

In a practice firm, pupils use their theoretically acquired knowledge and skills by carrying out all commercial tasks of a company. For example they process customers’ orders, order goods from suppliers, book invoices and pay these by bank transfer.

The goods and money traffic is complete from a commercial point of view, but there is no flow of real goods or money. Contacts with customers are maintained in writing, via telephone and on regional and international trade fairs that take place on a regular basis.

Customers and suppliers are practice firms inland as well as abroad. Worldwide, more than 3000 practice firms are actively conducting business on the so-called practice market at the moment.

The central department for practice firms in Essen, which provides a banking system as well as services at a higher level like for example a tax office, health insurance companies and a post office, sees to it that all processes go smoothly.

Stefanie Hopfengart
Meta Wiesenfarth

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