commercial vocational school

ATTENTION – Please note:
Due to the absence from school by Corona, there are changed dates for the final exams and changed block plans for this school year 2019/2020. 

The commercial vocational school (= Kaufmännische Berufsschule) works in a dual relationship with different training companies. It usually takes pupils three years to get to the final examinations. Contents of the lessons are subject-specific and general educational issues as well as the promotion of key skills like methodological, professional and social competence.

The commercial vocational school is the biggest school type at the Friedrich-List-Schule. About 1,800 out of approximately 3,100 students attend this school. Here, jobs are taught that require formal training in the occupational fields of economy and management:

A usual traineeship takes three years and is divided into

  • elementary level (= first year of training): basic education with a wide range of subjects;
  • professional levels I and II (= second and third year of training): occupational knowledge and skills; increasing specialization.

Director of Study
Bernd Hieber
Tel.: 0731/161-3882

Kaufleute für Groß- und Außenhandel,
Industriekaufleute, Industriekaufleute mit Zusatzqualifikation (BKAI),
Personaldienstleistungskaufleute, Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellte
Steuerfachangestellte, Kaufleute für Versicherung und Finanzen, Finanzassistenten (Versicherung)

Director of Study
Lothar Ilg
Tel.: 0731/161-3882

Bankkaufleute, Bankkaufleute (BKAB)
Bürokaufleute, Kaufleute für Bürokommunikation, Kaufleute für Büromanagement, IT-Kaufleute,
Fachkräfte Kurier-, Express- und Postdienstleistungen

Director of Study
Michael Mettang
Tel.: 0731/161-3882

Verkäufer, Einzelhandelskaufleute, Drogisten,
Einstiegsqualifikation Jugendlicher