Six-year commercial grammar school

Since the school year 2012/13, pupils who have a lower secondary education or come from a secondary middle school or a grammar school for general education can attend our six-year commercial grammar school.

The six-year commercial grammar school is a vocational grammar school whose main emphasis is the profile “Economics”. Students start in grade 8 and finish with getting the general qualification for university entrance (= Allgemeine Hochschulreife) after grade 13. This qualification entitles pupils to study all subjects at all colleges and universities without any limitations. Furthermore, the access to qualified traineeships is made easier due to our students’ profound knowledge of economics.

The first obligatory foreign language is English. French or Spanish are offered as a second obligatory foreign language which starts in grade 8. Additionally, students obtain a profound general education.

Director of studies
Sandra Thomalla

Tel.: 0731 / 161 – 3883

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