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Business Vocational school

The commercial vocational school leads in dual partnership with the training companies, the trainees usually in 3 years to the final exam. The subject of instruction is theoretical and general content, as well as the promotion of key qualifications, such as Methodical, action and social competence.

Vocational school economy

The vocational school of economics, the so-called business school, originated from the former higher commercial school. It is intended as a secondary school for secondary school and concludes with the Fachschulreife, an equivalent to the secondary school education.

vocational college I

The apprenticeship at the Commercial College I at the Friedrich-List-Schule takes place full-time, lasts one school year and builds on the middle education degree (middle maturity). It should impart the theoretical and practical basic knowledge for activities in economy and administration and deepen the general education.

vocational college II

For high-performance students, the opportunity to obtain a college entrance qualification is opened up with the Berufskolleg II. Vocational College II also takes place one-year full-time.

With the deepening of basic theoretical and practical knowledge, the BK II prepares for commercial and administrative activities. With an additional exam, the title “Staatlich geprüfte/-r Wirtschaftsassistent/-in” can be acquired.

3-years economic high school

The Wirtschaftsgymnasium – as a grammar school of the three-year structure – has been enjoying great popularity for years, as it allows especially the students of the Realschule, the vocational school and the general education high school, which have the middle educational degree, the acquisition of general university entrance qualification.

6-years economic high school

The 6-year business grammar school is a vocational high school with a focus on economics. It begins with the 8th grade and ends with the acquisition of the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) after the grade 2 of the upper level. The degree entitles without restrictions to the study of all disciplines at all colleges and universities.