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In the practice firms of the Friedrich-List-Schule, students are practically prepared for their future working life. The subject Practice Firm is offered for pupils of the full-time commercial vocational school as well as the upper secondary vocational college of commerce I and II.

In a practice firm, pupils use their theoretically acquired knowledge and skills by carrying out all commercial tasks of a company. For example they process customers’ orders, order goods from suppliers, book invoices and pay these by bank transfer.

The goods and money traffic is complete from a commercial point of view, but there is no flow of real goods or money. The processes are mapped by using the integrated company software  Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Contacts with customers are maintained in writing, via telephone and on regional and international trade fairs. Customers and suppliers are practice firms inland as well as abroad. More than 5000 practice firms are connected worldwide by a central agency.

In order to guarantee a stronger link between theory and practice, the central agency provides for example a banking system, a tax office, health insurance companies and a post office whose services can be used by the practice firms.

Regional companies support the practice firms as mentoring firms. The mentoring firms working together with the Friedrich-List-Schule are the GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH, Sport Klamser and Mediamarkt.

At the moment there are three practice firms at the Friedrich-List-Schule.

Follow us in the practice company!


junior company

The junior firm of the Friedrich-List-Schule (Jufi) was founded and introduced more than 15 years ago. Since then it has been organized by the starting classes of the commercial grammar school (grade 11) and consists of 10 to 15 students. Here they get the opportunity to further develop theoretical contents from their economic lessons in a practical way.

The junior firm’s staff can use and practice their entrepreneurial thinking and acting in the areas of marketing, purchasing, sales, accounting, controlling, public relations and management.

By working in the junior firm, pupils get occupational competences in decision-making and taking over responsibility, which are essential key skills for an access to the working world today.

All activities of the Jufi require independent work from the students. This is why the supervising teachers Mrs. Haide and Mr. Stütz stay in the background and just give advice to the pupils.

Supervising teachers: Mrs. Haiß / Mr. Stütz
Target group: Students in entrance class WG11
Period of participation: Start 2. HJ WG11 – End 1. HJ WG12

The business and services of the Jufi include:

  • selling calculators;
  • service at parent-teacher conferences and other activities;
  • selling of exam preparation books;
  • designing of t-shirts and advertising materials;
  • organization of pupils’ parties;
  • taking part in fair trades.

The requirements for working in the Jufi are

  • organizational talent;
  • negotiation skills;
  • team competence;
  • accounting skills.

What brings me to work in the Jufi?

  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is being tested
  • Collaboration in various areas, such as marketing, purchasing, sales, accounting, controlling
  • Note in the school report
  • Qualified reference (as reference for applications)
  • have fun
  • and much more….

What do we learn in the junior company? – Professional competence!

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