On May 26, 2019, our students from the FLS Ulm will take part in the junior elections for the 2019 European elections. Miriam Gauckler has registered with the European Parliament for this important election, she has requested all the ballot papers, the evaluation forms, the necessary equipment and the teaching materials for our colleagues. More than 500 students from our school will take part in the 2019 junior election. We are supported by Carmen Berndt, Inga Vogt, Sarah Dangel, Caroline Walz, Joachim Sick, Kathrin Sick, Anne Laubsdörfer, Constanze Mayer and Katrin Biendl. We are very much looking forward to the outcome of the elections and to the results of the election, which will then be reported back to the European Parliament. We would like to thank all our colleagues at FLS Ulm for their support.