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Friedrich-List-Schule Ulm


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Friedrich-List-Schule Ulm


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Friedrich-List-Schule Ulm


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Friedrich-List-Schule Ulm


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Welcome to the Friedrich List School homepage. The Friedrich List School is a vocational school with a focus on business and is located in the heart of Ulm, just a few meters from the cathedral.


important appointments

Coronavirus: Current information from the country and from the RKI

Are you in a CRISIS?

The current situation in connection with CORONA is very difficult for all of us and certainly also very stressful.

Sometimes it helps to talk to people outside of the family circle, or to share your thoughts and worries with someone.

Our pastoral care team will be happy to assist you!

Get in touch with one of our two colleagues and tell us about your worries:
Katrin Stickel,
Ursula Rapp,



whats new?

CORONA rapid test regulation from April 19, 2021

From April 19, 2021, a negative test result is the entry requirement for face-to-face teaching at our school.

Exempt from this formal obligation are final exams and necessary written performance assessments, insofar as they are absolutely necessary and must be carried out in person.

Important: The self-tests are carried out on site at the school under the supervision of a teacher in a classroom. No outside tests will be accepted.

In any case, underage students must have a declaration of consent.

The declaration of consent and the instructions for the rapid test can be found here.

Registrations for the commercial vocational school

Since March 1, 2021, you can register online for the commercial vocational school using our registration form under the menu item “Registration”.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email.

You can go straight to the link HERE!

“Nothing like gone” – international youth mobility

Erasmus + is a funding program from the European Union. The name is reminiscent of Erasmus of Rotterdam, a European-educated Renaissance humanist. He was a theologian, priest, philosopher, philologist and author of numerous books.

In school education, Erasmus + pursues the goal of promoting the cooperation of schools of all school levels and school types within the European Union as well as the mobility of pupils and teachers. Depending on the campaign and project, Erasmus + is aimed at young people between the ages of 13 and 30. Erasmus + “Youth in Action” focuses on the whole life phase of youth. Schoolchildren, trainees, students, working people – everyone can benefit from EU funding opportunities here.

Young people should gain important key competences for their personal and professional development through Erasmus +. This applies in particular to young people with special needs.

Erasmus + also wants to improve the chances of young people in the job market. It serves to promote training and further education, especially cross-border vocational training. The projects are not organized by the EU itself, but by institutions and organizations, e.g. from schools, in individual countries. Young Europeans should feel like helping to shape the future of the EU. The Erasmus + program aims to create solidarity and tolerance across borders and to give young people the feeling of active European citizenship. Erasmus + thus brings a European dimension to everyday school work. Cross-border cooperation and European exchange of experience are possible. With Erasmus +, formal and informal learning gains greater recognition, in line with the motto “Changing Lives – Opening Minds”.



HERE you can find out about the exciting projects we have carried out as part of Erasmus +.