The economy is changing and the pace at which change is needed is increasing. The results of the PISA study and their proof of the educational distress prevailing in some areas, as well as the empty funds for necessary measures in the school area are phenomena, with which we must concern ourselves. Germany, as a country with a successful dual vocational training recognized all over the world, must recognize that we are surpassed by its successes in some areas of other countries. These are signs that encourage reflection and action. In a land without natural resources, wealth is based exclusively on the services of working people. This requires that education and training provide the prerequisites for doing justice to the demands of today’s global business world.

The signs of the times have recognized and responded to politics and the economy. The Ulm Chamber of Commerce has anchored in its budget an education fund, with which school-related promotion measures for the qualification are financed. A small piece of the mosaic in the field of vocational education is the activity of the Friedrich List Society as a promotional society for the business school. Because of the cuts in the budget of the schools, the development company is also trying to provide funds for the acquisition of things that are used to optimize teaching and that could not be acquired due to the tight financial situation of the municipalities.

The business community sends the trainees of the commercial professions to the Friedrich List School and must therefore have a primary interest in ensuring that the school has the necessary qualifications for today’s requirements. Membership of the Friedrich List Society is therefore in the best interest of the business community, because the expenses for the contribution and other donations ultimately improve the training and thus the performance of one’s own trainees. I ask you to become a member for just € 50.00 in order to further strengthen our financial capacity for the school and thus the quality of the vocational training.

Peter Werdich
1st Chairman of the Friedrich List Society